Welcome everyone to Desktop Anime, home of the El-Hazard Elite Ring.  You may ask your self, what is this Elite Ring?  Well, click the button on your left.  Anyway, Desktop Anime is here to provide you, the Otaku that you are, with high quality wallpapers for your PC.  All of the images you see here were edited or created by moi, and take a very long time to make, usually about 2 weeks.  To read more about the process of image creation click the "About Me & Credits" button.

I'm notorious for long winded introductions so I'll stop here and let the page speak for itself.  I love getting feedback and chatting with people so please feel free to send me an e-mail.  I also take requests for images, so if you've got a favorite Anime that you'd like a background for (No Sailor Moon Please!) send me your images you've collected from the WEB and we'll see what I can do!  

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Page last updated:  January 5, 1998
Current Project: Ryo-Ohki Background (Requested)