Ragnarok Overcharge/Discount Calculator
It should be pretty easy to figure out. Ten Items at once, adjust quantity if desired. Click the Grand Total button to add up all the Items. To use Quick Find simply start typing the item you want. The calculator will figure out what you want as you type.

Click here for a popup version of the calculator!

Contributors: Rubisea, Sironin, SCAM, Dashiva, SaveJoseph, Atai-San, Gadrel, Mibz, NeoPariah
Special thanks to Sironin for making the original version of this. His is organized differently so check it out at: http://mywebpage.netscape.com/sironin/calc.html

Change List 3/20/2004

  • Added: So many things I can't list them all. Item database went from 361 to 451 items.

Change List 12/3/2003:

  • Added: Ancient Lips, Nose Ring, Cyfar
  • Fixed: Price on Pet Food was set too high. Changed to 2500z

Click Here to see the change list archive if you're really interested to look back that far.